Goodbois SS/2016

  • Client: Goodbois
  • Collection: CLOUD CAPSULE
  • Category: AlternativeProduction
  • Website:

We don‘t give a fuck about fashion, but we do give a shit about culture. We didn‘t start this because people thought it was a cool thing to do. We started this because we grew up with street culture, sports and music. Fashion can be bought, but culture has to be lived. This capsule collection was influenced by a living culture of cloud rap, asian street aesthetics and 90s elements.

GOODBOIS recognizes that some rules are made to be broken, and can relate to the fire that burns inside each and every one of us, by living and breathing basically what we love doing. With strong fundamental ties to where we came from, and where we are at, GOODBOIS creates an identity that is genuine, original, creative, and relevant to where we are going.