Lousy Livin

  • Client: Lousy Livin
  • Collection: underwear
  • Category: SelectiveDistribution
  • Website:

Simple and focused, Lousy Livin is a dedicated brand with a single, creative and affordable product supported by selected persons. Bringing all these elements under one roof brings a clear vision of the brand and translates easily into the world. Lousy Livin is already synonymous with highly graphical outlets and high synergy

collaborations with selected brands from diverse backgrounds including Montana Cans, 1Up, Lodown Magazine, Radio, Under Pressure, 5 Boro, and Stefan Marx fills out the collection with plenty of Toasts and Lemons, Palms, Flamingos, Bananas, Super Heroes, Aliens, and Unicorns, seriously I thought you knew... Lousy Livin